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Credited Works

Narration and Voice Acting

Prose & Cons (ACX).jpg

Prose and Cons (2020)

This is a collection of flash fiction stories and experiences revolving around the conventions that we all know and love. If you have ever attended a convention, especially a fandom convention, then you know that anything is possible.

Narrated by: Ron Broach, Kai Hawke

Bugged out Babblings (ACX).jpg

Bugged Out Babblings (2020)

A quirky collection of flash fiction based in the real of Post Apocalyptic fiction with forward by Daniel Humphreys. From the Pollenocalypse to Zombies, you're sure to feel right at home with the end of the world.

Narrated by: Ron Broach, Kai Hawke


The Napkin Anthology 

In Production.

A collection of short stories.

Narrated by: Ron Broach, Kai Hawke

Coming Soon!


Continuum Files (2020)

Position: Actor

The Veil (2018)

Position: Dancer

An Evening of Comedy. (2016)

Position: Run Crew

Marjorie Prime (2016)

Position: Assistant Stage Manager

Diary of Anne Frank (2016)

Position: Set construction

The Odyssey (2016)

Position: Set construction

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