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Kai Hawke


Hello! My name is Kai Hawke. I've worked all my life within the arts, as a content creator and a performer. This began in dance and drama performances in the church, but progressed beyond that. In middle and high school the highlight of my summer was theatre camp at Lee University, the university I later attended. Aside from these things, I have a long running interest in writing and drawing. 

Story telling has always been a love of mine, and that is evident through everything I've put my energy into. Voice acting is no different. My love for the art, was sparked watching Red Vs Blue as a child. The idea of being able to tell stories with my voice was wonderful, but I didn't see it as a career for a long time and invested my time on stage instead. 

It was during high school that I realized the validity of voice acting as a career, and my love for it re-surged watching L.A.V.A. in their shenanigans with streaming, but also the mass amounts of shows and games that they played roles in. Suddenly the career I saw as a child, of being a gamer and a voice actor, didn't look so impossible.

I graduated from Lee University in December of 2020, with a degree in Theatre Arts. Presently I live in Tennessee, working one full time job and freelance jobs within the theatre world. I also stream gaming and art to Twitch under the username Sweetlittlehawke.

During my time in college I was apart of Unity Dance Troupe, as well as working several of Lee University's shows as both cast and crew member for multiple shows, helped lead the dance team at my church, and did art commissions. I am always active in searching out new opportunities to tell stories.

Alongside all my schoolwork, and various part time jobs, I still found time for Twitch and YouTube. It wasn't always a lot of time, but it was something I always returned to no matter how much time had passed. It was a rocky road to get a setup ready and running, but the persistence has paid off. Having finished my degree I am able to dedicate more time to maintaining a schedule of content creation.

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